This is the undirected project of Robert L Powell, scribbler and aspiring academic. It is conceived as a place to channel the unfinished, the tentative, and the unexpectedly illuminating and (often) inadvertently produced as I work towards more clearly defined goals in writing and reading. It is intended to be something of a scrapbook, something that is sharable with the curious, and also a space that can be populated with what insights and quandaries manifest out of the everyday.

There have been three blogs in the past. This will be the first that I have written under my own name as an extension of a public persona that incorporates elements of the private, rather than the other way around. The words pertaining to the concept of journal have lost something of their resonance in the vast proliferation of social media over the past decade. The field of conversation that transfuses every spare moment of modern, privileged living is embodied in the continuous commentary, endlessly published trigger-response opinion, and an almost compulsive need to produce and curate an accessible, referential identity. I grudgingly suppose there is something of that in this, but I am interested in the concept of a compiling a record more than a promotion; and as someone slowly but steadily moving towards a professional, active life as an intellectual, this seems a good enterprise—it incorporates a chance to initiate discourse with those who would care to participate.

There will undoubtedly be first steps here: initial formulations, attempts at articulating conceptions that will gain more traction and complexity as I grow. I am curious to track what progression becomes evident.

I have a deep, abiding interest in critical theory, and I study literature. Other obsessions will probably refine and insert themselves into circulation here as the endeavour develops.

I live and write in Toronto, Ontario.

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